A fireplace with fire burning in it.

Hassle-Free Gas Fireplace Upgrade

Transition effortlessly into a more convenient alternative to the traditional wood-burning hassles. With the excellent gas fireplace services offered by Blake & Wilcox Inc., say goodbye to the inconvenience of handling dirty, insect-laden wood. You no longer need to do the hazardous task of cleaning out dangerous cinders.

Swift Installations

Blake & Wilcox Inc., in collaboration with Gas Galore, specializes in the seamless installation of new gas fireplaces or gas inserts. Our experienced team ensures a hassle-free setup, promising you a warm, safe, and significantly more efficient fire at the push of a button. Experience the ease of modern heating solutions with our professional gas fireplace installations.

A fireplace with fire burning in it.
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Electric Fireplace

Efficient & Instant Warmth

Transform your living space into a cozy haven. Our gas fireplace installations guarantee instant warmth, providing a safe and efficient fire. Embrace the comfort and convenience of modern technology, allowing you to enjoy a soothing ambiance without the traditional challenges associated with wood-burning fireplaces.

Ready to transform your space with effortless warmth? Experience the ease of our Gas Fireplace Installations. Schedule your installation today.

A living room with a fireplace and chairs
A fireplace with the door open and the fire burning.

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